Thursday, February 9, 2017

Turtleneck Sweater Makeover

You can makeover your turtleneck sweater/top into something more stylish and comfortable just by simply following this tutorial. You don't even need a sewing machine. You just need a seam ripper, a needle and matching thread.

Turtleneck sweater/ top
Seam ripper
Needle and thread
Fancy/decorative buttons

Turn the sweater inside out and find the seam of the turtle neck. It usually will be on one of the sides, lining up with the shoulder seam.

Very carefully, rip the seam of the neck with a seam ripper. Continue ripping all the way to the end of the neck seam. Using a needle and thread hand sew a few stitches at the very end of the neck seam to secure the remaining seam and prevent further ripping (see the following picture).

(Optional: If the seam of the sweater is not on the sides, you may cut down the neck on one of the sides and make a zig-zag stitch right at the edges of both sides.)

Flatten out the flaps of the turtle neck to the front and back sides of the sweater. You can also embellish with 3-4 fancy buttons in the front flap to make it more appealing or leave as the way it is.

Photo credits: Rose Iris Kurian (Malu)

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