Friday, February 17, 2017

Coasters from Scrap Fabric

  • Fabric (Scraps and pieces)
  • Sewing supplies
  • Optional: Batting or any thick fabric (As a cheaper alternative, I used foam wrap.  Foam wraps are used to wrap very fragile materials/electronics. I am sure you will find one in your home)
Since this project uses bias tapes, I recommend you to quickly go over my previous tutorial on bias tapes.

1). Cut a few circular pieces from scrap fabric, with a diameter of 4.5" (I used 2 black fabric pieces and 1 lace fabric). A circular piece of foam wrap with a diameter of 3.5 " was also used for padding. The foam wrap will give some nice cushion for a glass.

2). Place the first black circle, with wrong side up. Lay the next black circle over the first one, with the right side up, followed by the lace fabric, with right side up. Make sure the raw edges of all the three circles line up nicely.You can also use pins to prevent them from sliding.

3). Next step is to sew all of the circles together. Make a seam, around 1/4 " away from the raw edge.

4) When you are almost done sewing half way around the circle, insert the foam wrap, in between the black circles. Then, sew the rest of the circle. If you are not using the batting (here foam wrap) you can completely eliminate this step.

5). To finish of the raw edge of the coaster, a double fold bias tape is used. Click here to see my previous post on bias tape. Make a bias tape of adequate length to wrap around the circumference. Flip to the back side of the coaster, unfold the bias tape, and align one of the raw edges of the bias tape with the raw edge of the coaster. Pin all the way around, along the fold #1 line and sew. (I have used Method 2 to attach the bias tape)

6). Flip the coaster and fold the bias tape over to the front side. Pin it all the way around and sew. 

That's it !!

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