Friday, February 3, 2017

Cardboard Photo Frame: A DIY Upcycling Project


This is a DIY upcycling project using cardboard to showcase three portraits. It would be a perfect decor for small and narrow walls.

Cardboard pieces (one 19 " x 7 "+ four small strips)
Mod podge
3 Portraits
Strips of cotton fabric (different colors preferred)
Foam paint brush

1.Cut one 19 " x 7 " cardboard (as shown in picture A). Apply an even coat of mod podge to the smooth side of the cardboard using a foam brush. Select three portraits and press each of them onto the mod podged surface of the cardboard. Smooth out the surface and make sure there are no bubbles trapped. Trim any overhanging sides of the photos. Then apply a layer of mod podge over the portraits. Let it dry. This is going to be the main frame.

2. Cut four cardboard strips (as shown in picture B), which are going to be the four sides  of the frame. Take one strip, apply a thick coat of mod podge, and découpage with a colorful cotton fabric. Tuck in one end of the fabric (the places you may need to tuck in the fabric is shown as green solid line in picture B)  to the wrong side ("wrong" side implies the side to be not seen)  of the cardboard strip. You may leave the other end of the fabric hanging (the places you may leave the fabric hanging is shown as red solid line in picture B). Repeat the same to the rest of the cardboard strips.

3. The next step is to glue the four découpaged strips to the main frame. Apply a coat of the mod podge to the wrong side of the strips to and press them onto the four sides. Using mod podge glue the extra fabric which is hanging from the strips to the back side of the main frame.

4. Apply one more coat of mod podge over the entire project and let it dry for an overnight. 

5. I have also attached a small fabric piece using mod podge and stapled to the back side of the main frame for hanging it to the wall.

( I left the back side of my project as the way it is. You may decoupage another fabric to make it extra neat and professional.)

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