Wednesday, February 8, 2017

DIY Canvas Picture Frame


Photo prints (8" X 10" )
Canvas (8" X 10")
Mod podge (Matte finish)
Foam brush
Acrylic paint 

Select a photo to decoupage on canvas. Apply an even coat of mod podge over canvas using a foam brush.  With extreme care lay the photograph over the modpodged surface of the canvas. Nicely even out the surface and make sure there are no air bubbles trapped in between the photograph and canvas.
Let it dry and trim any of the overhanging edges of photograph. Apply another coat of mod podge over the photo.  At this point, the surface of the photo looks covered in white brush strokes (see the picture below). 
It's perfectly fine and you will see the white color vanishes once the mod podge is dry. Make sure the brush strokes are either in horizontal or vertical direction. Let the mod podge dry.

Finally paint the four edges of the canvas (Choose matching or contrasting color). You may need 2-3 coats. Let the paint dry. Apply one more coat of mod podge on the painted edges. After it dries, hang up the pictures !!


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