Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cardboard Storage Bins

This is a very simple DIY project to upcycle unused cardboard boxes into storage bins.

You need:
Cardboard boxes
Old/new fabric to wrap up the sides of the cardboard box (I used a cotton bed sheet)
Spray adhesive (or any glue/mod podge would work)

Pick a few cardboard boxes. Cut out all four flaps from the cardboard box. Also, cut out a small rectangle from the opposite sides of the box to make small slits as handles.
Spray adhesive over the sides of the cardboard and wrap fabric all the way around the box. Tuck in and glue any hanging fabric to the inside or to the bottom of the box. Let it dry and use it as storage cubes. (You can also glue fabric to the inside of the cardboard to make it extra neat)

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