Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fake water/ Faux water /Resin water vases

Floral setting resin
Silk flowers/ leaves
Clean and dry transparent glass vases
Decorative stones/marbles (optional)
Disposable mixing container
Disposable stirring stick
Rubber gloves

Before you start working with the resin, trim stems of silk flowers to desired length and practice arranging the stems, stones/marbles in the glass vase. Determine the amount of floral setting resin you need for the arrangement. You can estimate the amount with regular water. For one of my vases, I used 80 mL of water. Once you have finalized the amount of liquid that you need to use 1:1 ratio of resin and hardener to make the fake water.

1. Place marbles/stone in the vase if you plan to use them, or omit this step.
2. Measure out equal amounts of resin and hardener (I used 40 mL of each) into a disposable glass and mix using a stirring stick (refer to the package instructions)

3. Pour the resin mixture carefully to the center of the vase. Be sure not to splash on the sides of the vase.
4. Arrange flowers/leaves in the vase
5. Leave the arrangement undisturbed for 24-36 hrs.
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